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Composer and Concert Pianist Ricardo Veiga began his musical training at the age of four in Pasadena, California. He gave his first piano public piano recital at the age of six already including in the program some of his own compositions. One of Ricardo's favorite pass times at a young age was to turn the sound off from the TV, and improvise his own themes to his favorite television programs.

Ricardo's musical training and career continued in England and Brazil where he spent most of his teenage life studying with the International Pianists Linda Bustani and Jose Feghali.

In 1994 Ricardo moved to Fort Worth, Texas, where he received a full music scholarship at Texas Christian University. He was twice nominated for the student leadership award and received three honorable mentions for bringing cultural awareness to the University and Fort Worth communities through organizing concert series, lectures with numerous renowned artists and masterclasses. In 1998 Ricardo returned to Los Angeles to pursue a career as a composer and producer for the film industry. He has collaborated as a composer on numerous short films, feature films, and documentaries. Click here for a list of his most recent projects.

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